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Speech Therapy

Language Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech or articulation therapy addresses issues related to how easily others can understand your child.  Children may have difficulty learning how to move their mouth to produce a sound, have difficulty understanding how the English sound system works (phonology), or have difficulty coordinating motor planning for speech production (apraxia).  If your child's delay is severe this service is often covered by insurance.

Language Therapy refers to services related to using and understanding vocabulary, grammar, pragmatics, spoken and written language.  Children may demonstrate difficulty putting words together, using correct grammar, understanding directions, reading and writing.  Pragmatic language refers to understanding and using social conventions of communication.  Services for language begin with a comprehensive assessment and therapy is often covered by insurance. 

Occupational therapists evaluate and treat skills related to cognition, motor, coordination, daily living skills, sensory processing, and regulation.  Children with ADHD, developmental delays, sensory related challenges, Autism, and motor delays benefit from this service.  Services begin with a comprehensive assessment and are often covered by insurance.


Orton Gillingham methods are used in a tailored way for reading and spelling difficulties.  This service may or may not covered by insurance. 

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